Editing Services

I offer the following editing services for non-fiction and academic books, academic and professional journal articles, trade and consumer press articles, websites, marketing materials, and research reports. 

Content editing

Also called developmental editing, this is substantive editing analyzing the quality and depth of the material, be it for a website, article, brochure, or book. It’s common for a content editor to perform rewrites and revisions, even conducting additional research to help bridge gaps in logic or substance.

Copy editing and proofreading

Copy editors focus on smoothing grammar and syntax, correcting spelling and punctuation, checking consistency of usage and styles, and ensuring presentation of material is logical and readable.

Proofreading occurs as the final check before a piece goes to production, looking for glaring errors such as typos or spelling.

I’m familiar with most of the major style guides including AMA, AP, APA, Chicago, and MLA.


Manual indexing allows for finer control over key vocabulary discovery and the adding of subentries. Book-length indexing is available for academic and non-fiction publications.




Writing Services

  • articles for trade or consumer press
  • white papers
  • PSAs
  • brochures
  • press releases
  • blogs
  • websites
  • newsletters

Instructional Design

I’ve worked with top universities to create cross-disciplinary curriculum, managing the project from inception through quality review.