monica solo on welsh beach


I experience the world chiefly through words. While all the other senses are firing, it’s language that generates my deepest connections to people and planet, and it’s always been that way. I started my career in newspapers, writing investigative news and features, before moving on to become the editor-in-chief of a start-up lifestyle magazine, an editor at a national trade magazine, and, later, a research director/editor for an international media organization. I offer editorial and technical communication services (content development, research, copy and developmental editing, indexing, and instructional design) to digital and print media organizations, medical institutions, online universities, and individual authors.

After returning to school for a master’s in Technical Communications and a doctorate in Communication/Media Studies, I taught at the university level and wrote a book on the intersection of media, market, and sustainability. I’ve co-authored two other academic books on media and practices of spirituality. I’m also an instructional designer in higher education where I can blend tech comm, writing, editing, teaching, and research, serving mostly adult learners, which is a passion I’m lucky enough to have turned into an occupation. 

On the side, whenever I can, I write literary and suspense fiction and personal essays. The awards I’ve won have encouraged me not to put aside the quill and take up golf instead. Besides writing, it’s my family and friends, husband and pets, and the  wilderness that feeds my everyday joy, and the sustainability of each of these is my compass point.