Has Your Muse Packed Her Bags?

You know the feeling, fellow writer. You’ve done all the right things. She wanted you up by 5 am, before the dogs rose even, before the husband stopped snoring, before the neighbors rolled out their trash cans, and, by God, you did it, day after day. This is day... read more
Is LOHAS a Movement?

Is LOHAS a Movement?

It’s a big word, “movement.” It conjures up rhizomatic connections of like-mindedness, of collective spirit in motion toward a common goal or vision. It might be in the best interest of organizations that brand themselves as LOHAS to describe LOHAS as a movement... read more

Industrial Hemp: It’s not Pot

Did you know that Thomas Jefferson drafted the Declaration of Independence on hemp paper? Did you know that hemp is one of the most ecologically friendly and versatile resources and make everything from fuel to carpet? And did you know that industrial hemp is not... read more

Activism and Art

I’d like to point out two notable events in the world of activist art: the current bicentenary of Mr. Charles Dickens and the first exhibition in North America of the works of Chinese Painter Xu Beihong. Two hundred years since the great English writer’s... read more

See the Singular Beauty

“Borrrrring,” moaned the young boy as he exited the Robert Adams photography exhibit at the Denver Art Museum. The temporary collection, titled The Place We Live, is a retrospective of Adams’ portfolio on the American West, and Adams is not a... read more

The Bones of Literature

It probably won’t make national headlines–anywhere–but an 18th-century London workhouse has been salvaged from the wrecking ball and, possibly worse, the redecorators of luxury condos. I thrilled to read  Judith Flanders’ posting on this. ... read more